About Us


Carmarthenshire Youth Council (or CYC as we call it) was set up in September 2003 by young people for young people. We are a group of young people aged 11 – 25 years old from across Carmarthenshire who act as a voice for young people by represent the views and opinions of all young people in the county.

We believe that “young people have a right to be heard and their views and opinions should be treated as equal to adults."

“by creating opportunities for young people to participate meaningfully in decision making on issues that impact on their lives and to bring about positive change.”



What we aim to do

We aim to: 

  • benefit all young people in Carmarthenshire who are aged 0 to 25 years old.
  • be a voice for all children and young people in Carmarthenshire.
  • bring about positive change and development.
  • create opportunities for young people to become involved in decision making / democratic processes within the Authority, national and international level.
  • assess and improve services provided to children and young people in Carmarthenshire.

How we work - Our Structure

CYC Structure 2017 Image Eng

We have had a new CYC Structure since May 2017 and we are still trying to set it up. Young people are elected on to the CYC by proportional representation through schools, colleges, youth clubs, voluntary youth groups, youth action groups, special interest  groups, disability groups, other specialist or minority formal and informal groups during a Grand Council Meeting called ‘Count Me In’

We represent three sources:

  • Education
  • Universal
  • Special Interest

What we do

  • Take part and carry out consultation to find out what young people think, like and want in Carmarthenshire.
  • Debates about local, national and global youth, democracy and citizenship issues.
  • Working with organisations and adults to provide young people friendly information.
  • Organising local events such as the Annual Youth Conference and represent Carmarthenshire and Wales at other events and conferences.
  • Develop publicity to promote events and services for local young people e.g. www.carmarthenshireyouth.org.uk
  • Go on residential trips (sleep-over’s) and visits
  • Be a part of interview panels for employing staff working with Children and Young People.
  • Organise and take part in community projects.
  • Work with our Participation Officer Spow to support School and Pupil Councils

What are the Benefits to being on a Youth Council

  • Take part and contribute to making a difference in Carmarthenshire
  • Be a part of the decisions making process
  • Make new friends
  • develop greater self-esteem and confidence
  • develop communication, leadership & organisational skills;
  • take part in accredited training and gain Volunteer Certificates
  • oh and to have some fun!

Our Meetings

CYC meets every last Wednesday of the month (or as close as we can) between 5.30 – 8.30pm in Carmarthen.

We also have Workshop days during half term which gives us a chance to get a lot of work done.


What are Youth Forum reps expected to do?

  • Attend and are able to commit to regular meetings
  • Contribute views, suggestions and ideas
  • Work effectively with other members as a team.
  • Contribute to the work of the council outside Forum Meetings, for example by contacting other people, doing research on the internet and feeding back to the group.
  • Comfortable talking to and working with other young people, adults and decision makers such as County Councillors.