Our member Thomas Vaughan-Jones, 14, from Ammanford, has been elected to represent Carmarthenshire and Wales as the UK Youth Parliament for 2018. In his role as UKYP Member Tom will be encouraging other young people from Carmarthenshire to get involved in having a say at a national level by taking part in the 2018 Make Your Mark Ballot in Summer this year. Make Your Mark which is the largest youth consultation across the UK with 954,766 young people taking part and run by the UKYP.

Tom will be leading on the Make Your Mark by training other members and getting support from secondary schools, Youth Projects and Organisations across the county to get as many young people involved in the ballot as possible. Tom, an Amman Valley School Rep has been a Carmarthenshire Youth Councillor for less than a year and was elected at the March meeting to become the 2018 UKYP member for Carmarthenshire, this was great news as Tom is always enthusiastic about everything that we do.UKYP Tom

In the 2017 Alisha and her team encouraged 4,635 young people aged 11-18 years across Carmarthenshire to get involved in Make Your Mark, this year Tom is going to attempt to smash the number of votes from last year, the only way he can do this is by encouraging young people all around Carmarthenshire to vote on the issues that are important to them, so we need your help!

As the 2018 UKYP rep Tom had the opportunity to go to Swindon and participate in the UK Youth Parliaments training residential for the Youth Voice Leadership Development Programme (YVLDP). This training weekend provided him with the opportunity to develop skills that he will be using in the future as the 2018 UKYP rep.

Tom has said “I’m really happy to have been elected as Carmarthenshire’s 2018 member for the UK Youth Parliament and want to continue to listen to young people ideas and views, making sure that I represent Carmarthenshire at a national and UK platform. l want to give a big thank you the Youth Council for giving me the opportunity I haven’t done anything like this before so I’m really looking forward to the year ahead".

Make your Mark, the largest young people consolidation in the UK will be launched this summer and young people will vote to decide which 5 top issues affecting young people across the UK will be debated at the Annual Sitting held in the House of Commons in November, where Tom will represent the views of young people from Carmarthenshire and Wales.

Each debate topic will be introduced with speeches from regionally elected Members of Youth Parliament, who will put forward arguments for and against the issue, before opening up to the floor. Following the five debates, Tom and his fellow Members of Youth Parliament in the Chamber will vote for their top issue, to decide which two issues should become the UK Youth Parliament’s (UKYP) priority campaigns for 2018/19.

Don't forget to MAKE YOUR MARK and vote this Summer! You can also keep up to date with the conversation on twitter and facebook by using #UKYP18

For more information Watch the Make Your Mark video or visit the UK Youth Parliament website or contact us on