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Young people across Carmarthenshire gave their views on what was important to them to help shape the future of the county.

Our Youth Conference this year gave Young People the opportunity to share their views on health and well-being, which was fed into Carmarthenshire’s Wellbeing plan, being produced by the new Public Services Board.

Well-being covers topics such as education, the environment, safety, health, jobs, the economy and all matters young people need to be happy, healthy and successful.

A number of workshops took place at the conference and members of the Public Services Board (PSB) were in attendance to give advice and receive feedback.

Our Chairperson Brittany Bingham, 19, said: “I hope the Future Generations Act will have an impact on not just Wales today but on our future in Carmarthenshire, for every generation to come after us.

Executive board member for youth services Cllr Gareth Jones said: “Feedback from the Youth Conference will feed into our well-being plan, it is vitally important that the views of young people are included in any future decision-making.”