We found out form the Carmarthenshire Young People’s Super Survey that only 40% of you knew about your Rights or had heard of the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child)... so something needed to be done.

Working with the County Councils Participation and Children’s Rights Team we have set up a Social Media Campaign called #YourRights which will show short animations that we have made on Childrens Rights so that we can raise awareness of the articles and let as many of you know what rights you have as a young person living in Wales!

We launched the #YourRights Campaign in February 2017.  We hope you like our animations and that you will support us by getting involved in our social media campaign by following the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook accounts by using #YourRights and sharing and liking our animations to get the rights word out there to as many children and young people as possible! If you have any comments or ideas on other things we could do then please get in touch with us!


 Article20 Sml ARTICLE 20 - You have the right to be looked after properly and cared for if you can't live with your own family  Article33 ARTICLE 33 - You have the right to be protected from harmful drugs
 Article22 Sml ARTICLE 22 - If you are a refugee you have the same rights as any other child in Wales  Article30 ARTICLE 30 - You have the right to celebrate your culture
 Article42 Sml ARTICLE 42 - The Government must let children and families know about their rights

Article 32 ARTICLE 32 - You have a right to be protected from work that is dangerous or harms your health or education
Article 28 ARTICLE 28
You have a right to learn and go to school